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Teaching & Training


As an accredited training practice we often have GP registrars attached to the practice for 6 or 12 months. GP Registrars are fully qualified doctors who are training to be General Practitioners. GP Registrars are closely supervised by the doctors. Your medical care will not be compromised in any way by consulting with a registrar rather than one of the other doctors.


The practice also teaches students from The University of Birmingham and we therefore have under graduate medical students on a regular basis. As part of their general practice training, medical students are required to ‘sit in’ with doctors during consultations. At times they will also consult with patients independently under the supervision of a GP. You will be required to sign a consent for to agree to a student being present during your consultation. We are very grateful to patients who allow students to be present during consultations, but your are under no obligation to do this. If you do not want a student present during your consultation, simply advise the receptionist who will ensure the doctor is aware that you have not consented to a medical student being present.

From time to time medical students are required to see patients with a variety of conditions to enable them to understand the condition, particularly from a patient perspective. The students find these consultations an extremely valuable aspect of their general practice training. If you think you would be able to spare an hour or so every few weeks to speak with the medical students, please advise the reception team.

Final Year Students

Final year medical students are in their fifth year at medical school and have already completed a significant amount of medical training and assessment. They attend for further training in general practice as part of their final exams. You may be asked to consult with a medical student who will take a history and then involve the doctor in decision making. Again this is an essential and invaluable aspect of training for final year students and we really appreciate your support.

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