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NHS Data Sharing Schemes

There are a number of schemes and services that run both  nationally and locally within the NHS. The overall aims of the schemes and services are all very similar; they focus on improving your safety as a patient, improving your access to care and giving you a more satisfying experience overall. The three schemes and services that we currently take part in are:

  • NHS Summary Care Record
  • Your Care Connected
  • MyHealthcare

It is important that you understand how each of these services will use your information to benefit the care you receive within the NHS. It is also important that you understand that taking part in any of these schemes is completely your choice—if you would like to opt out of any of the schemes at any point you can let us know at the surgery and we will make sure your  preference is set in the right way.

More information about these schemes is available in the following places:

Summary Care Record:

Your Care Connected



Your data is kept confidential and safe in all of these schemes. Your information will be used solely for improving your care and with your permission. It will not be used for other purposes, such as research, or  given/sold to third parties.

You are automatically opted in to these schemes—you must tell us if you want to opt out.

Children are also automatically opted in—you may request on their behalf to opt them out, however in some cases a doctor may       decide it is important for the child to stay in one of the schemes

If you would like to opt out, or would like like any more information on any of the schemes, please contact the practice.


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