Cofton Medical Centre

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Did Not Attend (DNA) Policy

Practice Policy on Missed Appointments

Cofton Medical Centre agrees that:

Each appointment is a valuable opportunity for our patients

Pressure on appointment times shows that there is a need for every single appointment we have available

Doctors and Nurses appreciate that there are times when it is necessary to cancel appointments

Reception staff are always willing to help rearrange cancelled appointments. See the section headed ON LINE BOOKING


Cofton Medical Centre staff will endeavour to:

Make best use of appointment for each and every patient

Provide a helpful booking service via the doctor triage service


Cofton Medical Centre expects our Patients to:

Be courteous to staff booking appointments

Attend the appointment on time

Contact the Surgery to cancel if they cannot attend

Contact the Surgery if they no longer need to attend


Cofton Medical Centre, on NHS advice, will:

Monitor those patients who do not attend their appointment

Remind patients, by letter and verbally, that 3 missed appointments can lead to removal from the Practice List

Remove persistent offenders from the practice list where necessary, to ensure fairness for all patients

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